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Key Messages - January 2023 Update

January 2023

Rural Capacity Investment Fund (RCIF) Update


The Rural Capacity Investment Fund (RCIF) Committee was established in 2022 by Alberta Health Services (AHS), Covenant Health, Lamont Health Care Centre, the Bethany Group and the United Nurses of Alberta (UNA).

The RCIF Committee supports retention, recruitment and relocation initiatives to grow capacity and nursing staff at rural and remote sites in North, Central and South Zones. More information can be found on the RCIF website or by contacting

January 2023 updated recruitment and retention key messages:

  • To date, the RCIF has received approximately 300 retention and recruitment applications and is assessing all applications.

  • If applications are not considered eligible for the 2022-23 funding cycle, they will be considered for the next (2023-24) funding cycle.

  • For the 2022-2023 fiscal year, the funding deadline is January 27, 2023, and for the 2023-2024 fiscal year, March 1, 2023.

  • The RCIF Committee is updating the 2023-2024 application criteria. It will inform all applicants whose applications will roll over to the 2023-2024 fiscal year of these changes and provide an opportunity to amend their funding application.

  • Thank you to all who have already submitted their applications, and we are working very hard to approve as many applications as possible.

January 2023 relocation key messages:

  • To date, the RCIF has received and approved nine relocation applications.

  • We would still like to continue to encourage rural sites within the three zones to apply for relocation funding where applicable.

  • Sites are reminded that these funds can be used retroactively to April 1, 2022.

Overarching Key Messages:

The Rural Capacity Investment Fund (RCIF) Committee’s mandate is to support retention, recruitment and relocation initiatives to grow capacity and nursing staff at rural sites.

$5 million annually will support retention and recruitment initiatives, along with another $2.5 million for relocation assistance to sustain our workforce over the long term in the North, Central and South Zones.

  • The RCIF committee, which oversees and approves funding requests, is comprised of five representatives from the employers and UNA, along with a facilitator to ensure the effective use of funds to address rural and remote retention, recruitment and relocation challenges.

  • Committee members have created a robust application process for retention, recruitment and relocation funding and will continue to work collaboratively to update resources as needed.

  • Retention, recruitment, and relocation funding initiatives launched on Nov 1, 2022. All funds must be spent by the end of the 2022/2023 fiscal year.

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