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Rural Capacity Investment Fund

In 2022, during the collective agreements' ratification, employers and unions agreed to create three Rural Capacity Investment Fund (RCIF) Committees. Each committee was comprised of employers and union representatives who jointly administered the funding to address rural recruitment and retention challenges in the difficult-to-recruit areas within the North, Central, and South Zones. The funding for each committee was targeted from April 1, 2022, until March 30, 2024.

As of March 2024, the funds have been fully allocated

Below are links to each committee's Letter of Understanding (LOU) which defined the funding mandate and the final reports on the outcomes of the allocated funds.

RCIF Committees


RCIF Logo.jpg

United Nurses of Alberta

Alberta Health Services

Covenant Health

Lamont Health Care Centre

Bethany Group (Camrose)


Health Sciences Association of Alberta and Alberta Health Services


Alberta Health Services and the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees for the Auxiliary Nursing Care bargaining unit.

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